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Before you choose a Fire Protection Company, you should know 5 Things.


1. Are The Technicians Certified on all types of fire systems?

2. Is the Fire Protection company insured?

3. How Many Years Does The Company Have?

4. Is the company Charging You cheap upfront prices, just to bait and switch later?

5. Is the owner experienced in the industry or is this is it a big corporation that has lost touch with your real needs?



Fire Protection Experts with Nearly 20 years of experience in the Fire Protection Industry.

Latest Fire Codes Affect Local Business Owners

The latest versions of the fire codes from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA for short) greatly affect business owners but particularly small business owner.


Local Fire Marshals, Fire Inspectors, and Fire Protection companies follow the codes that come out from the NFPA. Even though some cities may have their own additional rules, almost all city and state Fire Marshals follow these uniform rules.


Rules NFPA 10 are of importance to all business owners. In addition Rules NFPA 17, 17a, and 96 affect restaurant owners, churches, daycare's, schools or any other location where commercial cooking takes place. If you have a stove and a commercial hood these codes affect you.


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Fire Safety Training and Certification
Online Fire Training and Certification

Onsite Fire Training and Certifiication

Fire Safety Training and Certification

More than 20 years of experience in fire extinguisher training and certification. Certification and training in all types of fire protection. NFPA 10, NFPA 17, NFPA 17a, NFPA 96 and more.


Online fire protection training. Online Fire Extinguisher Training and Certification.

Customers world-wide.


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Recently fire protection training and certification in Dubai and Iraq.


All types of fire extinguishers, All brands including Ansul, Amerex, Kidde, Buckeye, and many more.


Hydrotesting training.




100% Passing Rate

If we perform your fire extinguisher training and certification and if you are not able to 100% pass our course we will allow you to retake it.




Save time and money by learning online and getting your certification for you and your staff online.


In addition, for some ofl our customers, if we perform your fire extinguisher inspection, we guarantee our price as listed on the website.

*Some restrictions apply. See below for restrictions.


*Offer good for up to 15 after changes to website prices are made. Must show verification of advertisement with included prices.


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Fire Extinguisher Training


Online Fire Extingusiher Training and Certification.

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NFPA 10 Training and Certificaiton


NFPA 17 and 17a Training and Certification


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Hood and Duct Cleaning Training and Certification


Fire Extinguisher Training and Certification



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