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Fire Extinguisher & Safety Home



"My technicians have been responsible for servicing thousands of fire fire extinguishers.


This number includes service for churches, restaurants, daycares, schools, kitchens and repeat


customers over the past 17 years."


Michael Irvin, GM Fesco Fire Extinguisher & Safety Service Company, LLC New York, NY, Newark, NJ, Los Angeles, CA


(Fast Action Dry Powder and CO2)


Warning, Do not use water fire extinguishers on electrical or grease fires. Use the right extinguisher for computers.


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A fire extinguisher is basically a can made of metal which can withstand a high pressure of gas being pumped into it. In addition, there are several more parts that make a fire extinguisher function. It is similar to aresol can air freshener or hairspray. Inside the can there is a tube which runs down the middle from top to bottom. There is also a specific type of liquid or specific type powder which is used to put out a fire. This depends on the type of fire also.


The fire extinguisher is first properly filled with this liquid or powder, the top of the fire extinguisher is called the head.The head assembly also has several parts such as o-rings and a valve stem which may be replaced or serviced according to the type of service being performed. The head assembly contains the handle and nozzle where the fire extinguisher powder or liquid or gas in the case of CO2 fire extinguishers is expelled when the handle is squeezed.


After filling the fire extinguisher with powder, liquid or CO2, the head assembly and tube are put in place and properly screwed on. Finally, a gas such as NO2 or CO2 is pumped into the fire extinguisher to a specific pressure depending on the type and model of fire extinguisher.


The fire Extinguisheris then checked for leaks. If there are no leaks, the fire extinguisher is taged and a tamper seal is used to hold the pull pin in place. The fire extinguisher is now ready for use. This type of service is to be performed only by a professional fire extinguisher servcie company and a fire extinguisher technician.



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