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The importance of preparation are never noticed some much as when we have an emergency. If we look back at the many tragic events in the past few years we will be reminded of the importance of being prepared for any kind of emergency. Emergency management groups will come in after a disaster and try to put the pieces back together. But, we only have to look at New Orleans to know that sometimes it just is not possible to make things or people whole again.


Fire Extinguisher & Safety companies specialize in preparing for emergencies. If you think about it, a fire extinguisher that is discharged will not put out a fire. An exit light with burned out light bulbs will not help you to find an exit. And emergency lights that do not function will not work when you are trapped in a burning building such as a movie theater.


Emergency management needs to start with proactive steps to insure that fire protection equipment is available, plentiful in proportion to the potential need, and that the Fire Extinguisher & Safety is up to date and checked per fire code or more often. For this reason, many smart companies go out of their way to have their fire protection equipment, fire extinguishers, exit lights, emergency lights, and other equipment checked monthly or quarterly instead of yearly. The cost of being prepared is small in comparison to the disaster that can happen with inadequate or nonfunctioning Fire Extinguisher & Safety .


Emergency management can be made easier with proper preparation even in the worst of situations.



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